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Detlef Denne is an Award winning underwater photographer with a variety of photographic skills. He is co-founder and co-owner of aurumspace.com, a professional stock photo agency of the nature photography.
Detlef Denne is a CMAS Photo Instructor Level II and member of the renowned nature photographers Association (GDT) German Society wildlife photographer. Since 1995, he shares his knowledge of underwater photography just as practical and vividly and leads because of its recognized expertise over 10 years underwater photography work shops for Nikon Germany.

A small selection of achieved successes in several competitions:
  • "Medaille Hans Hass", Linz 1990: 1st place in the category Mediterranean Sea
  • Fotosub of the magazin "tauchen" 1993: 1st place
  • "Kamera Louis Boutan" 1994: overall winner
  • Fotosub on Cuba 1994: 1st place in the category "The dive"
  • Fotosub on Kuba 1994 2nd place in the category "close-up"
  • "CMAS Worldcup" in Tunisia 1994 2nd place category "close-up"
  • "Nelos", Belgium 1994: 1st and 2nd place slide series
  • "Kamera Louis Boutan" 1995: overall winner
  • "Medaille Hans Hass", Linz 1996: 1st place category fresh water
  • Worldchampionship on Menorca 1996: 5th place in the overall ranking
  • "Nelos", Belgium 1996: 1st place slide diaporama
  • "Nelos", Belgium 1996: 1st place slide series
  • Fotosub on Curacao 2000 2nd place in the overall ranking
  • "Nature's Best 2000", Washington D.C: winner in the category Underwater
  • GDT European Wildlife Photographer of 2004 Underwater 2nd place
  • GDT European Wildlife Photographer of 2004 people and nature 2nd place

Ever since, Detlef was most attract by all aspects of nature. However, he always wanted to - and still does - take unusual and therefore mostly not incidentally snapshots. At first he dedicated himself, almost exclusively, to the underwater photography and travelled with all the necessary equipment to almost all sea territories of the world. Wide-angled shots of coral-formations, fisheye-pictures at sunken ships, macro shots of colorful slugs or pictures of the impressive predator of the oceans are just a short summary of his works under the oceans surface. In addition his love pertained to the fresh water - lakes and rivers. He implemented photos in the Alpine region and in Florida, where some photos came up in underwater caves, partly under difficult circumstances. By means of his fascination to marine creatures, he found the inhabitants of the shores, who live at or with the water. Today, he photographs with normal camera equipment. Apart from fishes and corals, he also takes pictures of sea lions, pelicans or Komodo dragons, which are endangered, for instance. Some of his photos can be seen in the portfolios of this website.

*Detlef Denne, born in 1950, Dipl.-Inf., dive and photographed in all the seas for over 35 years. The multiple award-winning underwater photographer with over 70 international awards is the co-founder and co-owner of the professional image agency aurumspace.com.
"One eye of the photographer looks wide open through the viewfinder, the other, the closed, looks into his own soul" Henri Cartier-Bresson